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Well you have found a squid in which is rated mature for immature people

About Me

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This squid is one that loves the pain of others and is rated "Mature for the Immature." Join him on his adventures in different games, or have a good ol listen to one of his novels (they are always entertaining!) And on Saturdays join him and a crazy cat lady where he is always trying to make the cat lady's life hell. So what are you wanting for? The water's fine.
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Join me in my discord.... it's full of nice people and I promise the tentacles won't touch....much

*Slush Slush* (It's Squid for I Love You)

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Donate if you want to though it is never needed, and to all that donate you get a squidy hug! And no touching the no no square

Treat Stream

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send me food if you like