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- No releasing pokemon - No throwing away items - No exiting game - No glitch/exploit abuse - Nothing offensive in chat - Dont be a dick
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Click this button above here to meet the community, see what updates are coming, apply for admin, and make suggestions to improve the channel

How to type in PokeMMO chat

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Navigate to chat bar in game Type “!text copy hello world” Type “!text paste” “hello world” appears in chatbar Type “enter” “hello world” sent to game chat Also if game closes or crashes, mods can type "modgamereset". Any player may type "!focus" if the game stops receiving inputs.
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How it works... Players type in chat to play Complete the game as fast as you can There are 5 tiers of player, 0) Viewer, 10) Whitelisted Players, 20) VIP 30) Mods*, 40) Admins, 50) SuperAdmin *Separate from the Twitch Moderator status. Players get whitelisted after regular play (50 inputs) TwitchMods can avoid chat delay. Otherwise you can capitalise any letter and the code will accept it e.g ciRcle, CiRCLE circlE are all acceptable Same goes for a and A, B and b, C and c Only whitelisted and above can use macros. Only admins and mods can control the timer and quick save/load the game as well as other features and controls. Moderators and above can promote or demote players. You must define a time for each input e.g up2s or triangle300ms up400ms+circle400ms would hold up and circle for 400milliseconds. This can be used for complicated sequences e.g up4s+cross300ms+triangle300ms would hold up for 4 seconds and then tap cross and triangle together once for 300 milliseconds. Macros - These are basically combos of inputs held for defined times. Enter !macros to see the full list. These make your life much easier and can be created by admins and whitelisted players. Admins can create macros using !addmacro command !addmacro #"yourmacronamehere" "yourmacro" e.g !add macro #runaway l14s+r14s = hold L1+R1 for 4 seconds Chat will say the macro is accepted Now you can just enter #runaway Admins can save or load a single state by simply entering "save" or "load" Admins can advance the timer by entering "nextsplit" Admins can make other players admins by entering "!setlevel username 3" or demote a whitelisted player by entering "!setlevel username 1" See !tutorial for more info