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Just a dad trying to live forever! Check out Cutler Nutrition for great supplements

Do you need nutrition help?

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Hobba is my nutrition coach. He has helped national level bodybuilders and underwear models to average guys like me. He is super supportive of your goals and will give you the help you need. Go check him out!

Hero Trainer Virtual Power Lifting Meet

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Game Rewards For Steps. Come check out the FIRST Hero Trainer Virtual Powerlifting Meet! July 17!

Swole Acceptance Discord

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You can find me over on the Swole Acceptance Discord! Come hang out with me and some other followers of Brodin's One True Whey!

Need some gym equipment

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I am working with this gentleman for all my future strongman needs. If you are needing some gym equipment, made in the USA, and from a small business, this is the place!

Want to join Team Average?

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Follow this link over to the teams Instagram profile and drop a message!