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!teabags GIVEAWAYS!

For every 10 minutes that you watch our stream you will gain 1 teabag. With these teabags you can enter into giveaways. The more teabags you collect through the week, the more you can enter the giveaway every Sunday (greater chance of winning!) To see how many teabags you have you can type !teabags in the chat, and streamelements will reply and tell you how many you have. Alternatively you can see the weekly scoreboard here:


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Merch is now available again! Click the image or go to You can also earn a 10% discount of our merch by redeeming 500,000 channel points on the stream!

Earn a Platinum mug!

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Earn channel points by watching us on stream. You can earn channel points faster by participating more in the stream. The first (limited number: 20) people to make it to 1,500,000 will earn themselves a Golden what a brew mug. We will ship it straight to your door! How about that!
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Tier 1 sub - A virtual on screen cup of tea - Ad-Free viewing - Chatting during Sub-Only Mode - Subscription tenure badges - Emotes - Sub only chat - Sub only giveaways Tier 2 - Extra Emote Tier 3 - Extra emotes - We no longer offer personalised sounds for Tier 3.
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Any donations are massively appreciated. They all will help fund Tea. All donations will be read out on stream (unless we deem the message unacceptable to read publicly) including any message with them. Click the Donations panel above to donate. Please note, we do not and will never ask for a donation. If you donate, you do so on your own accord and by doing so you claim the money is your own and has been donated willingly by yourself. No refunds. Thank you.
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We are brothers from England who have been uploading videos to Youtube for 7 years on Youtube @ TwoSyncFIFA.
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If you do not follow the rules below then you will get timed out or banned from ever typing in the chat again. - Be respectful to others in the chat. - No racism. - No bad language. - No spamming. - No links. - No self/other promotion. - No bad talking tea.