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Hello everyone, My name is Roost and I play the Monster Hunter series, you'll be seeing A LOT of that here. (America/West Coast time) There is NO solid stream schedule so far.
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- Be respectful to me, and especially the community. - No trauma dumping. If you need help, please see a therapist. - No self promoting. - Correct me if I've said anything inaccurate on stream.

Tyiikan History!!!

Channel Debut: 6/26/18 chuckztaylors1: First Host! mattstfu: First Follower! Varusaburosu: 500th Follower! still_a_potato: First Stream Sniper! DeAdLyDoSe88: First Subscription! xHydraaz: First Donation! bigfeetzgaming: First Raid! Scaily: First Tier 2 sub! Scaily: First Tier 3 sub! Astra_IX: First Partnered streamer follow! PixieWind: 1,000th Follower! Shinosaito: First commission!
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League Card: 0000 0004 D8KK K3 Super Smash Bros Ultimate: (B. Fatalis Hunting Horn) 43Y9YPVX (Arginesse Kinsect) 359K349G (Elscarad Kinsect) 9FTH99HQ (World Martial Arts (DBZ)) DWVRPDCL (The Cell Games (DBZ)) MYYNTC4S Youtube: (SurperTom)嵐月炎 [SuperToms vid]( [StormBlades Gaming]( Ep 40-45


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It goes without saying (but I'm saying it anyway) that by no means are you obligated to give me money to enjoy and be a part of my channel. But if you're feeling particularly generous and want to show your support in a monetary form, you can do so by clicking the button above. Proceeds will go towards making improvements to the show, enabling me to provide a better experience for YOU! Thank you, in advance, for your support and patronage! I highly appreciate it! (As of 11/10/20) All dono's will be forwarded towards LadyRoost nursing school/classes unless there is something that YOU want me to use the Dono on

Special Shoutouts

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[Ryan]( I don't know what happened, but if it wasn't for that fateful encounter at work, I may have been stuck in limbo with YouTube man. I have you to thank for getting me started I am forever grateful to be here. (Ryans hyperlink MAY be subjected to change) [Chuck]( When there was no one to watch at first, I wanted to kill time and be helpful, you've never streamed at a more perfect time and since then I can never ask for anything more, I got you to thank for giving me that push to affiliate and I wanna take after the best! Never change bro, you or Happy! [Kirata]( I wouldn't tell ya that I love ya but I'm known to be a terrible liar :( you always give me that "rival" vibe even though your talent in the hunts FAR exceed mine. At least I know that I can take credit for making ya stronger at least... Heheh, you're nothing without me Bobo! [Shogun]( I can never be more happy to see you blow up as fast as you did for Twitch. With you just starting, I needed a REAL excuse to keep drawing and you were that excuse lol, then again... ... ... Who tf are you again?!