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Play by typing in chat - that's Type2Play! We host variety Twitch Plays streams utilizing an expressive input syntax. Stick to the basics or go for the gold with clip-worthy plays. Cooperate with other viewers to overcome challenges and complete games together through this unorthodox method of play!


All viewers are expected to follow the rules of this channel. We understand that playing games through text can be stressful and challenging, so please work your best to follow these rules. 1. Be respectful towards others. If there's a conflict, work to resolve it as best as you can by talking it out. Contact a moderator to help resolve a tense situation. 2. There's a zero-tolerance policy for harassment, verbal abuse, and other actions that demoralize and/or hurt other players. 3. Obstructing game progress and related documents, such as 100% game docs, is prohibited and may result in a ban. This also applies to intentionally overwriting savestates. 4. Deleting save files or naming save files obscene or offensive names is prohibited and may result in a ban. Bad behavior ruins the stream for everyone playing and watching - we all can do better than that! Mods and admins reserve the right to silence or ban anyone breaking the rules or intentionally ruining the experience for other players. Last but not least, have fun! If you have questions, please message a moderator/admin on the stream or on our Matrix/Discord rooms.

How do I play?

Type an input to start out. You can see all available inputs by typing "!inputs" in chat. For example, "right" in chat can move the character right. "right+up" will move right and up at the same time. Append modifiers such as "right500ms" or "right1s". There's much more, too, and you may notice that our experienced players can make very precise plays! Don't worry - you can get to that level too :D The bot will try to guide you through the syntax if you're new. The most up to date tutorial can be found [here]( It contains GIFs to help you visualize the process. Please let us know if you have improvements to the tutorial. Have fun playing!


> Who are you? We are Type2Play, a variety Twitch Plays stream. In our streams, anyone can control the game through chat! We are a passionate community that loves to tackle challenges involving playing games through text. We have had people from all over play, including top Pikmin, Super Metroid, Rayman, and Metroid Prime speedrunners! > How is this achieved? We've developed [TRBot](, free software that can play games through text. In short, TRBot handles virtual controllers on an operating system that are used as the input source to the game. As messages come through chat, TRBot converts those messages into button presses on the virtual controllers, thus controlling the game. TRBot is free software licensed under the AGPL. As such, you are completely free to use it as you wish and even host your own Twitch Plays stream! > Why are you doing this? Playing games through text brings many challenges unique to this method of play. Our community enjoys the fresh take of playing our favorite games through text, including the teamwork and challenges involved in completing games this way. We invite players of all skill levels to join, whether you're a top speedrunner or brand new to this concept. The experience can be very fun and overall satisfying, and we invite you to join us in chat! Remember to post your best clips! > What's your streaming setup? :D You can find that [here]( :)

Join the community

Join us on [Matrix]( or [Discord]( Both servers are bridged, meaning you can interact with everyone regardless of which platform you choose! In our community you can post your awesome clips, discuss the current run, recommend games to stream, and more! Come join us!

Playthrough History

> Type2Play History Our full playthrough history can be found [here]( We were previously known as TwitchPlaysPaperMario (TPPM).
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This stream is powered by [TRBot](, free/libre software for playing games through text.