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Gaming 24/7, except when I am not


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Check out my merch shop! Which features multiple designs and products! Also once in a while has a limited edition design!

About Me!

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WHAT IS UP G A M E R S? Call me Ty/TyPlayed! I am here to hopefully give you some entertainment so feel free to stick around and enjoy the stream!

Support The Channel!

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Giving the Channel a follow, just lurking, donate bits, and/or subscribing helps! I am saving up for more equipment to make much better streams that would allow me to make things look nicer and stream a wider variety of games. (sub icons done by @_danpar, emotes done by SakuraArt on Fiverr, and bit badges by HUUUUUUUUUUUURR on twitch).

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If you want to support me in another way, consider donating to me via PayPal! Click that image above!! NOTE: Donator agrees and acknowledges that any request and processed refund charges to the Streamer for said refund shall be solely borne by the Donator. Example, if the refund is for the amount of $100 and it generates a charge to the Streamer in the amount of $20 to process said refund the final refund amount shall be $80.00