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Hello my name is Tyvir, your emotional support collie! My pronouns are she/her and I'am a variety streamer. I'm here for you to watch, have a good time, and hopefully make you forget about the troubles of your day while you relax with us. So stop on in with your favorite snack or drink, and have fun

Chat Commands

Here you'll find a list of chat commands for use in the channel: !twitter (posts link to my twitter) !wife (Cilly has been spotted in the chat!) !boop (give someone a boop on the snoot) !pet (give someone some loving pets) !resources (provides a link to mental health rersources) !lurk (announce you're lurking) !BetterTTV (links to the BetterTTV extension so you can use more emotes!) Links are blocked in chat by default. If you've made a clip you'd like to share please ask and I'll give you permission with the chat command.


Panel Content
I'am a part of a wonderful stream team called StoryTellers! If you would like to know more the banner will take you to the website <3


Why am I streaming? -As a hobby and for fun! I enjoy playing games as one of my main hobbies and I thought "Perhaps it would be more fun to do this with others and share the experience". Why furry? -I've been one for a long time! I discovered that furry streamers are a thing and the models they used to stream were so cool! Why variety? -I play lots of games! I bounce around games all the time from genre to genre depending on my mood. Also by avoiding hard focusing on one game I believe it will help prevent burnout.

Artwork Credits

Here you'll find the names of artists who have done artwork featured on the channel: @Xiong_Shan @MeoSir @Millyma97438319 @megueggu @warlockmaru Enygmaticc