ujimatorio streams Crusader Kings III.


Welcome to my channel, where courtesy of advanced Second-Dimensional Projection Technology I am able to interact with you all! I am Torio Ujima (烏島鳥男), though some call me by-title as Hakase. I play whatever games strike my fancy, and chat to pass the time. Usually I play strategy games, though recently I also play a fair amount of Genshin Impact (semi-F2P subscription-only). I particularly like to test eccentric strategies and ideas in-game for the sake of S C I E N C E. I am happy to chat in either English or Japanese as I am (mostly) fluent in both, and can give tips to help your own second-language learning process if you wish. よろしくね!


* Games (Strategy, JRPG, Co-op, Card-Based) * Reading Books (Mostly Scifi/Fantasy) * Anime/Manga (Almost every genre) * Interesting Knowledge/Facts (Especially about birbs and ants) * Fencing * Tabletop Games (D&D, Warhammer 40k) * Chatting * ゲーム(戦略・JRPG・協力・カード) * 本(SF・ファンタジー) * アニメ・漫画 * 豆知識 * テーブルゲーム(D&D・ウォーハンマー40k * フェンシング * お喋り


* dimensional translation specialist|| Tofu * https://twitch.tv/tofuubuns * https://www.instagram.com/rilacchi/ * https://twitter.com/Buntofu * kinematics/dynamics specialist|| Hibachi Live 2D * https://twitter.com/IamHibachiMan