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The original Ultimacaster. Look for me on PSN. Indie dev & RPG fan. Oh shit, this shows under my stream now? Meme hard or go home. :Kappa:

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All of the following people and things are awesome (please go follow every streamer on this list <3 follows help the family grow): -[Cheshire Jack]( for being a booster and a pal and a bunch of other stuff, too <3 -[CaptainIzzy]( for helping me figure out some stuff that has been more fun than I could have possibly imagined -[Papi]( for believing in me and starting THE MOST COMPELLING TEAM ON TWITCH!!! -[AmiSometimes]( for doing channel art COMMISSION THIS LADY -All of my moderators! -Each and every one of you who takes the time to stop by the channel! <3
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Variety streamer figuring everything out as I go (life included). Trying to stick to the posted schedule, but figured why not add an analytic tool to show you all when I am most likely to be online (data is fun and I like prens). Hope you enjoy your visit to my channel! <3 Drop a follow if you want to show some free-of-charge love! <3 Games Streamed: -Animal Crossing: New Horizons -Assassin's Creed: Unity -ATLAS -Batman: Arkham Asylum -Bloody Trapland -Bloody Trapland 2 -Borderlands 2 -Borderlands 3 -Borderlands The Pre Sequel -Castle Crashers -Civilization 6 -Cuphead -Dead by Daylight -Dishonored 2 -FEZ -Final Fantasy VII -Goat Simulator -Gorky 17/Odium -Grand Kingdom (sort of) -Hollow Knight -I Love You, Colonel Sanders! A Finger Lickin' Good Dating Simulator -Jackbox Party Pack 3 -Jackbox Party Pack 4 -Jackbox Party Pack 5 -Jackbox Party Pack 6 -Jurassic World: Evolution -Kingdom hearts Chain of Memories -Kingdom Hearts Final Mix -Loco Parentis -Megaman X -Megaman X2 -Megaman X3 -Metagal -Minecraft -Moon Hunters -Ni No Kuni 2 -Octodad -One Finger Death Punch 2 -Out of Space -Pacify -Pokemon Crystal (Randomizer) -Pokemon Diamond (Randomizer) -Pokemon FireRed (Randomizer) -Pokemon Shield -Raft -Roller Coaster Tycoon -Run, Kitty Run! -Satisfactory -Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic -Star Wars Battlefront (PS4) -Stardew Valley -Surviving Mars -The Blackout Club -The Escapists -The Forest -Totally Accurate Battle Simulator -Totally Reliable Delivery Service -Tropico 6 -Twitch Sings -Underhero -Untitled Goose Game -We Need To Go Deeper