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B-T + B-K

I currently speedrun Banjo-Kazooie

Best Times

**Banjo-Tooie Any% no DCW -** [2:44:55]( - Fastest method of completing the game without the use of the Delayed Cutscene Warp. **Banjo-Tooie 100%-** [4:17:46]( - never seen a 4:18 **Banjo-Tooie Low% -** [54:53]( - Beat the game with the minimum number of items on the Game Totals screen. I only did a couple of runs, might do more someday. **Banjo-Tooie Any% -** [43:24]( - Actual PB is 43:23 but I don't care about Any% enough to wanna bother improving atm. **Banjo-Kazooie 100% -** [2:06:07]( no FFM run that is literally faster than my PB with FFM. Also lost over a minute on grunty.

Other Stuff

[Leaderboards]( *- Find other B-T runners here as well as resources for learning the Banjo games.* [ Profile]( [Tweeter]( *- I don't say much.* [Youtube](*- I don't upload much. Some of my pb's will be on here.*