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Follow me as we tumble across multiple worlds and dimensions through various playthroughs of all sorts of games

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A primordial shape shifting being formed in another dimension. A dimension humans dubbed The Womb due to it's sole purpose of conceiving me, Unorthodoxfetus! Primarily a gamer but sometimes I like to do art Completed games: * Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart * Minecraft * Days Gone * A Plague's Tale Games in progress: * Genshin Impact * Dying Light 2 This channel is undergoing some upgrades and changes including the streaming schedule but on average I start around 10PM GMT+8, 1-3 times a week I hope you enjoy your visit!
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1. Be Civil - * 1-1 No bullying, insulting, name calling or any kind of abuse towards other viewers. Certain in game NPCs however deserves to be shit on * 1-2 Cussing is allowed just not to each other. This is a safe space community so be nice 2. Absolutely NO form of discrimination (racial ,gender, religious, etc.) allowed The rule list will be expanded/improved upon if the need arises