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its a good day for some games!

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hello my name is unrivalninja, Im a guy who has been gaming for a long time. Im mainly a console player for now, specifically ps4, but I plan on eventually streaming on pc when I can afford one. I engage with anyone who is in my chat and I always say hello! Im grateful for anyone who come by and takes the time to say hi!


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Dont forget to follow me on twitter for im going to be posting when i go live and updates on there as well as discord!


streams may not always be exact and 100% on these times but they will be close, but expect to see a stream every Sunday and Wednesday at 3pm. the rest of the week expect possible streams around 4pm.

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click the panel above to join my discord! youll be updated on when i plan on streaming and when i start to stream. participate in the chat ask me any questions you might have for me!
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if ya have any questions or about streaming or want to get advice or help with your channel, join my good bud pturtels server and he will gladly help!