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Are you a Streamer or Youtuber looking to grow your channel? I will Help How ever i can. My Goal is to help you guys reach yours and by doing so i hope to promote unity and love so that is spreads among us all, iron sharpens iron, Lets Do THIS!! Hit me up on My Social Media


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#if you enjoy the stream and would like to Donate You may Do So By Clicking The Donation image Above and if you Do! Thank You So Much Every bit counts and is appreciated. Thank You!!

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#Follow my Main Account on Twitter by Clicking The Twitter image Above if you'd like to see My Friends & Followers Streams and Videos, and ill be sure to Follow you back. We Know Everyone Doesn't Have FaceBook! LoL

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#Catch The Action On FaceBook Because We Know Everyone Doesn't Have Twitter. LoL Thanks For All The Love.


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#Once Upon a Time i Was a Rapper!! No Seriously Though!!! I Was still am! Don't Believe Me Just Watch! Click The YouTube Photo Above!! ;-P

We Were Put Here To Love!!!!

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#Love One Another, Do Good To All, No Disrespect or you will be Warned, Timed, Then Banned, I'm a Pretty PeaceFul Person You Should Be Too, Lets Help One Another Reach Our Goals Show Love and Support in the stream By Following one Another. after the Stream ill Host someone & you all get to make suggestions Then We Raid!!!. Sounds Fun!!!

Its About YoU!!!

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#i Love Gaming and Helping Show The Support That The Gaming industry Lacks to all those Who Play. **GameZ i PLaY** Middle Earth Shadow of MorDor DC Universe OnLine Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 Call Of Duty Ghost/Advanced WarFare ps3 Until Dawn GTA V Infamous WaR FramE Destiny MineCraft And Many More!! Make a Suggestion id love to Game with you All!

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#Check out My AweSome Friends! Twitch.Tv/JustAGirlWhoGames Twitch.Tv/Hot97HipHopGamer YouTube.Com/HipHopGamer Twitch.Tv/SpottedWolf0812 Twitch.Tv/XxDistrustedxX Twitch.Tv/Leafs_Tk Twitch.Tv/PennyStone Twitch.Tv/Kempy00 Twitch.Tv/RoshelleLD Twitch.Tv/DjDak56 Twitch.Tv/Echidnachimera Twitch.Tv/Paduhhxo Twitch.Tv/FlyingSquirrelGrrl Twitch.Tv/Pandu0 Twitch.Tv/XxDistrustedxX There are So Many More. If you would like me to dd you to this list let me know Please!! For More of My Recommended Great Streams Check out My Twitter Or FaceBook Thank You Guys.