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I'm uran10, a streamer, future/current/wip video game dev as well as an avid gamer. I play a variety of games, mostly nintendo, including Smash, Mario Kart and Pokemon. I make lots of noise and have channel points for great interactions.

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I'm uran10 and I play video games for your entertainment. I mainly play Nintendo games but my core is Super Smash Bros and Mario Kart. My Channel uses Channel points and bits as a way to interact with my audience. 100 Channel points = 1 bit. That allows for more options on interacting with me and making streams more fun. New Subs: Do to the involvement of Channel points, every new sub or re-sub will give the sub 1 free channel point redemption per month.


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Keep up to date by following @uran10original on Twitter, however be warned I am Hyper Political.


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