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ValdioTV streams Super Mario World, GoldenEye 007 and Undertale.


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Hi, I'm Valdio. You probably know me as the Quickie World guy. I'm a musician who likes to play all sorts of games, but mostly Super Mario World Kaizo Romhacks. I've recently been trying to stream full time to keep myself afloat as I'm in between jobs. Thank you so much for supporting the stream, whether you're lurking or a tier 3 sub, your presence means a lot to me.


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- 1+: TTS - 11: Line Piece! - 69: Nice - 88: Number 8 - 123: Easy as 123 - 250: Rich Evans AIDS - 333: Arnold Feel free to suggest more!


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Check out some of the Video Game Music covers I've made!


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- Q: Are you angry? A: Not really, I just look serious when I'm playing. - Q: Are you ignoring me? A: If I miss your message it was probably by accident. I'm working on my chat reading skills. Sorry :( - Q: Favorite Romhack? A: Probably Akogare, idk. - Q: When is Quickie 3 coming out? A: Some time around 2023.


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If you wish to support the stream there are many ways to do so: Monetary: - Subscriptions - Bits - [Donations]( - [Merchandise]( Exposure: - Add me to your autohost list - Share the stream with friends Encouragement: - Chat with the community - Lurk :D