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Mainly OoT speedruns, sometimes Friday the 13th. You will occasionally see races that take place on [Racetime]( [YouTube]( I mainly like to run GSR (though not anymore, see notes below) and All Dungeons as I enjoy the length of each. I've held the record in these categories on and off through the years between 2015 and 2020, though I have slowed down in activity quite a bit since 2018, only occasionally doing runs or races. SRM categories don't interest me. I've also held the Any% record in Friday the 13th on and off. Been into speedrunning since 2006 when I started SM64 16 star around May of that year (got a PB around 27 minutes) and Friday the 13th around December, though I didn't get a cartridge until several years later and set an official record until December 2011 though I had no capture device then. In November 2006 I joined YouTube and saw PyroTHPS OoT run, this being my first exposure to an OoT speedrun. Didn't give OoT speedrunning a real try myself until July 2013, though I mostly just glitched around and ran stuff like Child Dungeons. Mid 2014 is when I actually got serious though more so 2015. I set my first WR on 12/31/15 with a 1:19:36 in GSR (No IM/WW at the time). Tl;dr, I'm an OoT boomer. I had plans to retire at points over the years, but I'll probably always keep one foot in the door.
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I use the Japanese N64 1.0 version in my runs, with a red N64 controller named *Aries*. I've got 64 problems and VC ain't one :) I have listed my best leaderboard rank below each time, though some of them don't reflect my best times. My 1:25 record in All Dungeons was better than my 1:29 for instance which was a pretty bad run, but breaking the sub 1:30 barrier is something I was proud of as it had been years since the sub 1:40 barrier was beaten. - GSR: [*1:10:57*]( (4th)- 5/14/20 Best Rank: [WR]( - (11/3/16) -- longest standing record - All Dungeons (No SRM): [*1:16:36*]( (10th) - 10/7/20 Best Rank: [WR]( - (11/30/16) - MST: [*1:59:32*]( (20th) - 1/24/17 Best Rank: [2nd]( - (9/7/16) - Ganonless: [*33:00*]( (3rd) - 1/3/2020 Best Rank: [2nd]( - (11/29/15) - No Wrong Warp (No SRM): [*44:49*]( (19th / N64 record) - 6/21/16 Best Rank: [5th]( - (12/11/15) ---------------------- *MISC* - Bingo PB: [*1:12:15*]( - ZSR Relay 2016: [GSR in 1:20:33]( - ZSR Relay 2019: [GSR in 1:16:01]( - ZSR Relay 2021: [GSR in 1:15:16]( --------------------- *RESOURCES* - [ZeldaSpeedRuns]( - [OoT Speedrun Leaderboards]( - [World Record history]( - [Current OoT Records]( - [OoT Glitch Discovery List]( - [GSR Tutorial by Zellyzel]( Note: As of July 2022, the timing method changed to gaining control of Link, and watching intro is optional. I will still watch, but I've updated my current PBs to reflect the change. Old PBs I won't change, and I can't change my GSR PB title as I lost access to that account.
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Any%: [*2m52s*]( [3rd] - 9/24/23 Pamela Powerups: [*4m30s*]( [WR] - 9/11/23 Race%: [*2m47s*]( [3rd] - 10/19/23 Throw Debbie off a cliff: [*11s617ms*]( [3rd] - 10/20/23 - [Leaderboards]( I held the Any% record for 6 years, though no video until January 2015, so 3 years if you count with video. The 3:04 was a good run for its time, minus me not knowing I could just go left in the woods rather than get the key and go to the right bleeding 2s, and losing 2s to RNG, meaning sub 3 was possible with that route. It was beaten with a 3:02 by dvstinjames 2 years later. The route he used was faster but I never thought to pass off the torch and was one cycling Jason on day 1. So it was a route I knew about, but didn't know that simple thing to perfect it. I'm currently trying for WR being exactly 1s off. Current WR is 2:51 by PGHGuitarGuy. It's pretty optimized and not easy to beat, but I'm going for it.
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If you would like to *Donate*, you can do so [Here]( or [Here]( - Thank you! Highly appreciated, as I'm not in the best financial situation and anything helps.
"*What is GSR?*" Σ(-᷅_-᷄๑) - Formerly No RBA/WW, then No IM/WW, the category was renamed on 5/25/2019 to fit the definition better. GSR stands for "Ganondorf Source Requirement." The minimum source requirement in this case is to obtain Light Arrows (beating Shadow and Spirit). I used to main this category and am probably still well known for it, but in its current state, I have no interest in going back to it (more explained below) - Some felt that the cutscene skips in Shadow and Spirit aren't true wrong warps, despite using the same technique. The majority of top runners wanted to keep the main category, so it was renamed. - Item Manipulation includes GIM (Get Item Manipulation) and BA/RBA (Bottle Adventure). Quest items must be obtained legitimately. - N64 and Wii VC have been very close for quite a few years, often being within 10 seconds of each other, or tied. - Unfortunately, this is no longer the case, and I'm not fond of the new routes which I think cut out gameplay in a category that already doesn't have much, so I'm not likely to run it seriously again. I think 2018-late 2020 was the peak for GSR, as both consoles were tied and did different strats/split routes midway, so it was great for races. N64 is almost a minute slower now. My 1:15:59 from 2016 is likely my most notable run and was the longest standing record in that categories history. To this day I'm still very happy about this run even if it wasn't perfect (was ~30s off an optimal run at the time). I'd worked hard for 6 months to get a 1:15 and was also going through big transitions in my life, so it was a very stressful period. Ultimately that is the run that has and will always mean the most to me, so I can accept essentially retiring from the category. This route was chu perfect, but the run finished bomb perfect due to bad RNG in Spirit Temple. For the time, this was a very good run, and has mostly aged well.

MISC runs

*MISC RUNS* - Majora's Mask Any%: [*3:19:00*]( (lol) - 2/17/16 - SNES Lemmings (Fun): [*46:29*]( -10/26/14 - Megaman II Any% (normal) no zips: [*36:35*]( - 2/7/16