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TikTok: VanTheManTV Twitter:VanTheManTv1

Free Emotes

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Under Free Assets you can find some free emotes!! I used them for my follower emotes!

About Me

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Hiya! My name is Vanessa but my friends call me Van. I was a CoD streamer but switched over to a more painful game: Valorant. I love anime and movies so please talk to me about shows and stuff! C: Don't ask to play if you're a new viewer, thanks!


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TTS is enabled. Donations are never required but greatly appreciated! I use your generous donations in order to upgrade my set up and hopefully build a stream i can be proud of.


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Probably my favorite social media besides Twitch.. I post way too frequently lol


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Please don't be shy and join the Discord! Everyone is super friendly and we love to hang out in voice channels and watch stuff.