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Clumsy sniper with terrible aim ⚡ directionally challenged ⚡CAPTCHA-phobic ⚡ Lazy #artiste ⚡ Speaks four languages... badly. ⚡ He/him ♂️

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# General Rules 0. Don't backseat game. No hints, no advice, no nothing. If I need help, I'll ask for it. 1. Be kind and respectful towards others. 2. Keep the -isms out of chat. No discrimination will be tolerated. 3. Keep all-caps to a minimum. Don't spam. 4. Ask for permission before posting links. 5. Keep that drama-Llama in its shed. 6. Van is 100% human. Electronics acting up around him are just pure coincidence. #Beat Saber Guidelines 1. Please use the !bsr command to request songs. 2. I'm aware that I have the accuracy of a shotgun, blease no b00li. ;-; 3. I might skip over songs that I deem too hard or too badly mapped. Please don't take it personal. 4. Don't request badly mapped memes, don't request earrapes. They're unfunny at best, and painful at worst. 5. The !bomb command can be used every 20s. Subs get a 50% cooldown-reduction.
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Want to throw some money at the screen for all the wrong reasons? No problem! Click the header or [here]( to give me a tip! Please note that tips are not refundable.
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Happy to announce that I'm a Throne member, the privacy-first wishlist for creators that allows you to buy me smol gifts without either of us having to hand out our personal data. Safe, simple, and fun for everyone involved! Especially me. >:3 Now I can wish for all the treats with not a single worry in the world!