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My name is Joel. I'm from Sweden and I hate video games. I eat nails for breakfast and tame Siberian tigers in my spare free time. I like metal and I know how to kill skeletons.

Hello, Joel here welcome to my dumb stream.

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Hello, and welcome to my streaming home, you might've seen me on **** or on Youtube, this is where I stream from nowadays. Welcome, hope you brought some snacks you nerd. If you're unfamiliar with me I'm a Swedish guy that enjoys oddball games and not taking video games too seriously, I don't play the typical video game MLG stuff. I put a lot of emphasis on variety for my streams, I like to play bootleg games from China, rediscover obscure relics, playing balls-crazy unheard gems and breaking the mold of what you might think is a just another stream. [Don't believe me?]( When the stars are right, I might even stream, destroy and break a [computer.]( Catch me live and wonder why the hell you're watching a Swedish man play The Sims and make the Mario brothers give birth to a satanic demon-child in a unholy conjoining of video game flesh. Yeah, that [happened]( So welcome to this side of the internet, if streaming was cocaine, I'd be the illegal Colombian kind. Well, illegal Swedish kind maybe. Happiness is a cigar called Joel, or so I'm told. I stream for fun which means I don't really have a set schedule for when I stream, your best bet is to give me a follow and it will send an email, or check our [Twitter](, it announces when I and other streamers are about to go live.


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#Schedule I try to stream everyday but I have no real set schedule. You can however generally you can expect me to start streaming from 2 - 3PM and the streams ending around 6 or 7PM EST. #Twitter You can follow the official Vinesauce twitter over at [@Vinesauce]( Use this to track and check whenever we're about to stream and go live. You can also follow my personal twitter at [@Joel_Vinesauce]( For behind the scenes vinesauce stuff or me ranting about snacks. I also have two bands, my silly stuff [Vargskelethor]( and more serious stuff [Scythelord]( #Rules [Link to the rules, **READ THESE BEFORE YOU CHAT** here]( #Don't be a dick, use common sense ##Don't spam


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The highlights and clips I make from my streams, check these out sometime. Everything you'll find on the Youtube channel is streamed and edited down from here. Twitch deletes old streams which is a bummer, **Therefore I archive my streams over at** [Vargskelethor Uncut]( You'll find current, classic, past and upcoming streams being saved here. Here's a personal favorite of mine. [Enjoy](

Art for the stream

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Got any art you'd like to share for the stream? Post it on the [Art Booru]( *This piece is from Jenkii, its pretty damn tight.*

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The main site to where I stream my content. I used to stream on the main Vinesauce twitch channel, and on the old livestream days but as of **October 2014** I stream exclusively on my own channel using the team function, like the other streamers.