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Venelity streams World of Warcraft, Apex Legends and Dead by Daylight.


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Thank you for any donations, all donations go towards the stream and medical bills. Any amount is helpful and greatly appreciated!!!! Or Directly donate through paypal:

About Me

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Hi! My name is Logan, I have epilepsy and use to stream full time. But recently Ive been working full time and going to school, so I will be returning to streaming when I can. Thank you for the followed support.Streamer for @MinotaursES

Community Discord

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Pop in to find out event details, changes to the schedule and even channels to find people to play with!

Graphic Artist

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BIG SHOUT OUT to my dear friend Michelle who helped design splash art for events, my sub icons and logo. Amazing and talented artist, I highly recommend her work! Message her on twitter for your own stuff! @GFX_Michelle


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Subscribers get: - Tier 1 Gets access to 5 emotes! -Tier 2 gets an extra emote and Discord privileges! -Tier 3 gets a total of TWO extra emotes (one from Tier 2 added) and more Discord Privileges. -All Subscribers get better chances at Giveaways and Events! - No more ad's!! - Get into Games with me faster - Special Perks within Discord and on Twitch Giveaways - Love, hugs and special giveaways for subs only!!!

Important People

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@Cjtombraider for being one of the best mods I've ever seen. Has helped me out a lot and love his passion to help. He helped me set my channel up from the ground up, was there since day 1 and has always done everything in his power to help me out with my stream. @Amyatthedisco for being the best chat moderator I have currently and she always knows exactly how to handle a situation even if she's clueless to what's going on. She helps watch the chat to make sure nothing is off or wrong. As well as a lot of behind the scenes work on the stream that are crucial and vital to the streams health. Thank you babe. <3 I love you. Another shout out to a close streamer friend (Tylerdwarf for gifting me some prizes to give away and for being a great moderator and taking his role seriously.

Donation Legends

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1.J DMarder $350 2.AmyAtTheDisco $200 3. banwidthraptor $160, Layers Of Fear, Soma 4. Anonymous: $155 5. Dutch_Gremory: $50 6. cjtombraider: Tomb Raider GOTY Edition. 7. Drowsyobject95 $5 Steam Cash

Minotaur Merch!

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