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I’m a part time streamer from the UK who enjoys streaming a variety of games including Pokemon, RPGs, YuGiOh and TFT - Please turn on notifications to see when i go live and dont be shy! say hi!


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Don't be mean to other people in chat, respect others


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I stream every Saturday and Wednesday from 7pm GMT until roughly 9pm GMT

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All assets on my stream were downloaded from


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For updates on when I plan on going live and what I will be playing follow my Twitter! @Veraszi


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Donation are not necessary at all and will never be encouraged however they are HIGHLY appreciated to donate either click the button above or follow this link


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Our current stream goal is a Pokemon Nuzlocke Challenge once I hit 65 followers! if you want to know more about it then feel free to ask me!

My buds

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Please check out my mods, currently they all stream and make some cool content @Graenar @Peffalo @PeachLizzie and @King_Kai248


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