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Hi, I like to stream speedruns of various games (and sometimes casual games) here. The girl in the emotes/art is [Verniy]( (aka Bep / Hibiki after being upgraded) from KanColle. I don't have a schedule, just go live when I feel like streaming. Emotes were done by me, [RadicalHighway](, [zanarkandsky](, [pidgezero_one](, [ItsMoofie](


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Click the image [or here]( if you want to give me money for some reason, or consider [subscribing]( to support instead for [cute emotes](! If you want to sub but don't want to give twitch money, I also have a [Patreon page]( starting at $1.50/month. Pretty sure it shows your real name, or whatever name you entered if you use that so be careful.


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[Discord]( filled with bep emotes, mostly just for subs to be able to use emotes on other servers but I also post when going live here


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**Super Mario RPG Any%** - [2:46:39]( **Chrono Trigger 100% Glitchless/No Manip** - [5:24:51]( **Final Fantasy XIII Any% (PC)** - [4:57:20]( **Final Fantasy XIII Plat% (PC)** - [18:46:32]( **Persona 5 Royal True Ending/Hard** - [15:14:49]( **Paper Mario Any% Glitchless** - [3:54:27]( **NieR Gestalt (PS3 HDD)** - 3:10:23 **Link to the Past Any% NMG** - 1:26:59 **Link to the Past 100% NMG** - [1:48:38]( **Donkey Kong Country 2 Any%** - 42:42 **Super Metroid Any% NMG** - [53:25]( **Yoshi's Island Any% Warpless** - [1:59:42](


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>[Twitter]( where I usually just post splits of pbs


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Sometimes I play FF14 too, click on the image or [here]( for my character's lodestone
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