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Last live 5 years ago

I like shiny Pokemon

Rules for my chat

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° One of the reasons I like to stream is the good enviorment we all contribute to. Lets not put a damper on the stream by being negative. Positive Vibes Only! ° DONT BE A DICK. Everyone is here to have a good time. Please be mature and do not ruin it for anyone. ° Links are fine. All I require is you ask before you do so. NO OFFENSIVE MATERIAL! ° Have a good time!

Highlights from my videos

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° I post all of my highlights on my YouTube channel. ° Get on the highlight by spamming the chat with HINY SHYPE!

Follow my Instagram

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° I usually post all of my Pokemon related content on my IG! ° Come say hello!

Get all of my streaming time on Twitter

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° If we can get #HINYSHYPE trending on twitter everyone will get a free dirt bike. No scam at all. ° Let me know what you think of my streams! And how to improve the quality of my content.

Questions I get a lot

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Q: Can I add your friend code? A: Yes, thats fine but understand I will delete friend codes without notice to add other people. Q: Can I be a mod? A: No Q: Why don't you have a subscribe button? A: I Plan to get one only when I have something to offer you guys that is tangible. I try to give everyone the same attention on the stream and feel like you shouldn't pay me for only that. I plan to set up a Patreon account to get you all the most for your money. Q: Do you have a shiny charm? A: Yes. Q: Will you trade with me? A: Yes but i don't usually trade shiny Pokemon. Mostly trade only to help someone complete the pokedex.

HINY SHYPE shirts coming soon!

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I will be making my own Hiny Shype T-shirts along with other clothing articles to sell to the public! I also plan to raffle off T-shirts to followers from all my social media accounts followers.