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Thank you very much to the many titled players who have enjoyed the streams! It's a great honor! Below is a list of titled players who have either chatted, gave a shout-out, raided, followed, mentioned on social media, donated, etc. to VideoGame Pianist! The list is sorted by rating as of June 2022. GM Alireza Firouzja GM Ian Nepomniachtchi GM Anish Giri GM Hikaru Nakamura GM David Navara GM Hans Niemann GM Hrant Melkumyan GM Nils Grandelius GM Daniel Naroditsky GM Daniele Vocatoru GM Chessbrah GM Baadur Jobava GM Robert Hess GM Alejandro Ramirez GM Luka Paichadze GM Brandon Jacobson IM Minh Le IM Greg Shahade GM Benjamin Finegold IM Josiah Stearman IM Eric Rosen IM William Paschall IM Jack Peters WGM Tatev Abrahamyan WGM Adriana Nikolova CM Tryfon "Kingscrusher" Gavriel NM John M. Williams WFM Maria Emelianova WFM Lile Koridze NM Stephen Adams NM Aakaash Mediru NM Jerry "ChessNetwork" Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D Thanks for enjoying the stream! And thanks to the following who've supported this stream in meaningful ways: Ben Finegold, Karen Boyd, Spencer Finegold, Brujaweb, Darren W., Andrei V., Drew D., and many more!
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