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I am Chef Str1fe and Welcome to Video Game Vittles.

True Support Gaming

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Great group of people who are highly supportive of everyone. Amazing community for sure. Click the picture to be connected straight to the discord. Let them know the Chef sent you :D

My First Emote

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Hey click the pasta to link to the amazing artist who helped me with my first emote on twitch. Check out @Eravia24 for some emote needs


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Monday- 8pm-10pm Wednesday- 8pm-10pm Friday-8pm-10pm All Times are in Central


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Come and drop a follow for tasty recipes related to foods found in all manner of video games.


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Don't forget to follow me on twitter

Tip Jar

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Tipping is not required or necessary, I stream because I enjoy it. However if you want to all tips go towards upgrading my streaming setups.

Join The Kitchen Brigade

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Follow and be apart of the kitchen brigade. Click the picture to get access to my personal discord where we can continue to hang out between streams. Focused on food and video games you can share your tasty concoctions and keep up with my YT uploads as well.