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If you happy and you know it do a headshot. If you sad and you know it do a sage heal.26 year old goofy guy who plays support roles, but make support role to the gloriest of all.You have seen that scary sage in mid? Yeah that's me :D

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Säännöt: Matthew 7:12 (or press on the rules image) Also: Bots not allowed, I have my eye on you little dirty computer programms


!kysymys !roulette !tappelu w. @someone Aaaaand pretty much all default commands - just !commands its much easier

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Donations are voluntary. No refunds, every donation is going to upgrade all sort of my streaming ( I need a better camera :3 )

PC Specs

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Asus ROG STRIX Z390-F GAMING, ATX-Motherboard Intel Coffee Lake Core i9-9900K, LGA1151, 3.60 GHz, boxed Kingston 32GB (2x16GB) HyperX Fury, DDR4 3200MHz, CL16, 1.35V Fractal Design Define R7 Asus ROG Strix 750W, modular ATX-PSU, 80 Plus Gold Asus GeForce RTX 3070 DUAL -GPU, 8GB GDDR6 Asus ROG Strix LC 360 AIO Samsung 1TB 980 PRO SSD M.2 2280, PCIe 4.0, NVMe, 7000/5000 MB/s Others: Logitech HD C270 Canon EOS 1100D Audio Technica 2035 (XLR) Focusrite Scarlett Solo Corsair K63 Logitech MX518 2x Asus 23,6" TUF Gaming VG24VQ 144Hz ASUS VA249HE 23,8" 60¨

About me

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25 year old (I know, I sound older) Half finn, half russian. Having fun, little goofy. Playing games, sometimes making art. Graphic designer I love unicorns :3 ps. No racism, war is not good, we can talk about it, but hate speech is not welcome in my streams :3