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The "After Hours" channel. I will work on personal projects and chat with the purpose being more casual. While my tutorial based content and streams will still be on Youtube, this channel is more for work days that aren't as structured!


Name: Timothy Von Rueden Vegan, Wisconsin Boy, Sunflower Child, Libra, and Father to Astrid the Cat! Q: What supplies do you use? Pencils: Kimberly Generals 2H - 4B Erasers: Mono Zero Eraser and Kneaded Mechanical: .2mm Orenz pencils Q: How do you not smudge? I typically work from left to right and avoid working with dark pencils till the end! Q: Do you have any tutorials? There are a few on Youtube and I'm looking to make more in 2021 Q: Favorite Films The Fall, Synecdoche NY, Spirited Away, Moulin Rouge, Black Swan, A Single Man, All About Eve, Gone Girl, Whiplash, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Moon, My Life as a Zucchini, mother!, Moonrise Kingdom, Let the Right one in, Tree of Life, Q: Favorite Artist: Mucha, James Jean, Justin Gerard, Harry Clarke, Norman Rockwell, Yoshitaka Amano, Allen Williams, Jeremy Bastian, Annie Stegg, Pete Mohrbacher, Miles Johnston, Audrey Benjaminsen and so many more! Q: Favorite Games: - FFX, Kingdom Hearts, Twisted Metal Black, Edith Finch, Pikmin 3, Double Dash, Little Nightmares, Journey, Gris, Uncharted 4, SSX3, Catan, Seasons, and Chess!


For more of my art, wips, and general updates!

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Hey everyone! I used to do weekly streams on here but I have moved to youtube and do periodic streams, tutorials, and tip videos! Come join me on there if you want to see more! Thanks =]