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Improv & voice actor, @Streamloots Partner. In the business of making people smile. #PMA

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- **Be Respectful and be welcoming to new members in chat:** Show people that the Voraknids are some of the most kind people on Twitch. - **No spamming or excessive caps!:** It's okay to be excited about things, I love that! But be respectful to those around you by refraining from doing this. - **Ask before sharing links:** Whisper a mod here or on Discord before posting any links unless I ask for them. - **Keep the language PG-13:** I allow cursing here and there, but any excessive cursing will result in being timed out or removed by my mods. - **Listen to and obey the Chat Mods:** Treat my mods with the most respect, treat them as if they're me. If they ask you to do something, do it. Disrespecting my mods is disrespecting me and will lead to your removal. - **Most of all:** Have fun! This channel is about sharing stories that matter with people that matter, and I can't wait to make some new stories here with you <3
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# Games matter. Stories matter. People matter. ***** In my crazy journey through life, these three things have always been true to me. My name is Chris, I used to be a professional Software Developer for IBM until I was laid off. That was the most stressful time of my life, but it became the best thing that ever happened to me after I decided to make a major life shift and become a professional **YouTuber**, **voice actor**, **improv performer**, and **streamer**. Now I'm here, doing what I think matters, bringing positive gaming related content I can be proud of into your life and anyone else that I can reach. Thank you for making my play experience your play experience ❤ ## **Fun Facts:** - I'm an actor at my local Renaissance Festival - I am an avid lover of tea - I love just about anything cherry flavored - I have a Bachelor's degree in Game Programming - I have a really bad habit of picking up sketchy hitchhikers ***** Feel free to ask me about any of these or let me know some of your own fun facts!
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Have some fun in stream with Voraktbot 7000! Voraktbot has an array of games and commands for you to enjoy in chat like: - **!spookles** - Spookles are our chat currency here, use this command to see how many you have! - **!Quote** - Make Voraktbot say a random Voraktee quote in chat. - **!Quote Add "text" -Author** - Use this command when Voraktee does or says something you think was particularly funny. (EX: !Quote Add "Bulbasaur's are just salads that scream when you eat them." - Voraktee) - **!cookie** - Get a tasty cookie made by VoraktBot! - **!hug** - Free hugs! - **!heist (amount)** - Start a minigame to make a heist on a bank. Add your Spookles as the ammount to increase your chances of victory! - **!slots** - Pay 50 Spookles to play the totally not rigged Voraktee Slot Machine! Good luck on that big payout! - **!defuse** - Pay 100 Spookles to try to defuse a deadly bomb! Be the hero you're meant to be! - **!boss** - Pay 100 Spookles to fight a boss with your fellow Voraknids! Who knows who or what you'll encounter... - **!ffa** - Pay 50 Spookles to take part in a Battle Royale! The last survivor gets all the Spookles... Check out many more of the fun things you can do with Voraktbot in the [Voraktbot Commands]( channel in the Voraknid Discord!