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VPP streams Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater and The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.

Personal Bests:

##Metal Gear Solid 3 Time shown is in-game time from the score screen. >[European Extreme:]( [1:21:11]( - 14.09.2018 ##Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes >[Extreme:]( [1:06:28]( - 07.08.2019 ##Majora's Mask >[Any%:]( [1:28:24]( - 20.01.2017 >[All Masks:]( [2:27:17]( - 03.10.2017 >[All Fairy Rewards:]( [1:54:47]( - 25.02.2018 >[100%:]( [5:09:19]( - 29.12.2016 >[Low% (19 items):]( [4:52:43]( - 22.08.2013 ##Ocarina of Time >[All Dungeons:]( [1:41:25]( - 16.02.2016 >[100%:]( [4:55:11]( - 10.09.2016

Past events:

[Pingu: Sekai de ichiban genki na penguin Any%]( @ SGU 2019 [MGS3 EEx]( @ FinnRuns 2019 MGS3 EEx @ MGS 20th anniversary [MM AFR]( @ SGU Winter 2018 [MM Any%]( & [MGS3 EEx]( @ SGU Winter 2017 [MM Any%]( @ 3D Zelda relay race 2016 OoT & MM 100% Back-to-back race 2016 MM All Masks @ FinnRuns 2 [MM 100%]( @ FinnRuns 1 [MM 100% Co-op]( @ ESA 2014 MM Any% @ ZSR Marathon 2013

How to show your inputs on stream like that?

You'll need a device called an input viewer. It's an Arduino microcontroller set to listen to the controller data and send it to your PC. If you'd like one for yourself, you can contact me on [twitter]( or discord (VPP#7519) to make one for you, or make one yourself! For making one yourself, you can find a guide and necessary software from this [link]( Consoles which have an existing firmware for input viewers: NES/SNES/N64/NGC/PSX/Genesis/Saturn/Atari joysticks/TG-16

Other stuff

#My [Twitter]( #My [Youtube](
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For knowledge on speedrunning the Metal Gear series games, visit [Metal Gear Speedrunners.]( We also have a [discord server!](
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For knowledge on the many glitches and tricks in Zelda games, visit [Zelda Speedruns.]( There you can also find [Discord links]( to the respective games!