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Whats up, my name is Mr.Ask and I am a Dutch producer. Dont have any style that I prefer, the stuff I make is based on the mood Im in. Instruments I can play:- Piano- Guitar- Bass- Drums

Who is this dude?

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Whats up, my name is WATCHTOWER (Artist name: Mr.Ask). Im a Dutch producer from the Netherlands and I've tried a lot of genres but got stuck at Trap/Hip Hop and Future Bounce/House. I've been trying to get signed for a few years now, haven't made it yet. If you want to hear more, go to my soundcloud. The stuff that is on spotify will be taken down because of the quality and the fact that the music is kinda old Next to music I game a lot. I love games with a good storyline and I love open-world games. Those will definitly get my attention.

Can I collab with this guy?

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Talk to me when Im live or join my discord. We will talk over there and see if we can make something together. Im open for any kind of genre that I have or havent tried out. I like challenges!


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If you want free music that sounds good and that doesnt get your Twitch channel a DMCA strike, you should check out Tonebuzz. Tonebuzz is a platform where you can get songs for free to use within your stream.