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Hello! I'm Anna (she/her) 29, and enjoy getting rowdy with a variety of video games. Am I good? Not really, but let's chill anyway!

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-Respect the mods, they are an extension of me and I picked them for a reason. -18+, ya girl is NSFW -No backseat gaming, if I need help I'll ask! -Don't be rude, we don't need your negativity -Enjoy!
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Come hang and chill!
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This is an inclusive space for people to be who they want to be. There will be absolutely NO tolerance for hate of ANY kind. Please feel free to be yourself here <3 29Aug2020 - First Stream! 24Nov2020 - 50 Followers! Affiliate <3 27Jul2021 - 200 Followers! Current Games: Stardew Valley Green Hell Phasmophobia Minecraft Valheim