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just tryna have fun, hope to be ur fav eboy🖤 one day

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want to watch and continue: chainsaw man bleach (thousand year whatever) black clover fire force (might restart) kings avatar ( don't know what season) one piece ( i need to catch up..) watch anime w me? umaru chan maid sama wolf girl and black prince rascal does not dream of bunny girl senpai attack on titan haikyu kuroko no basket hunter x hunter cells at work doctor stone mob pyscho evangelion - x fav noragami - max fav swort art online season 2 bungou stray dogs samurai shamploo assasin classroom fate stay night/ fate stay unlimited bladeworks/ fate zero jo jo bizarre adventures death note cowboy bepop guilty crown kill la killl akame ga kill psycho pass gintama overlord violet evergarden soul eater boruto hyouka dragonball z berkzerk vinland golden kamuy helsing ultimate erased magi future diary goblin slayer devilman crybaby top animes: darling in the franxx tokyo ghoul code geass recently watched: spy x family higehiro promised neverland all time favs: jujutsu kaisen demon slayer kakegurui one piece naruto bleach full metal alchemist watched: no game no life yuri on ice sword art online death note if you've read this far -> fav webtoons: solo leveling tower of god lookism unordinary

discord :)

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no schedule rn.. let me know if you want a schedule grinding night walker to 250 thinking about streaming maple grind.. to 275 maybe nighttime into degen hours


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no need to donate but all are appreciated ^_^

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Hi I'm Pepega. streaming to make more friends ^_^ say hi! i try my best to interact with chat. no kapp Name: Wilson Wong Age: 28 Ethnicity: Chinese Location: NYC want to get into streaming? i've written up a smoll guide for u here :)

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special shoutout to my irls who always push me to stream: Junifarse deadchampione Firex254 arestea_ also a special shoutout to my first fans and twitch friends who have shown me much luv and support <3 : ahotan jjujubeanss lawriee kimchikola Auhres imjenjen1 esstar zelour tronmanlos nurri k20nny PressCAPLOCK_ and special special shoutout to these ppl who i luv to death on the daily<3: Fishaerie imdonewithu PotetoBonnie ChaoticXVI Auhres seiwut Keurix DimsumGesus ikkyxp NCPhoenix33 CakePhilosopher tsewhat3 Papi_succ PapoMaster_ MattyIce Chrissy XrayBeast907


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