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Hi my name is Weika ( ´ ω ` ) I'm an anime illustrator! Thanks for stopping by ♥

About Me (⺣◡⺣)♡🌸

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My name is Weika and I stream digital drawing! I often take drawing breaks to eat and chat ^^ **☆彡 How long have you been drawing?** >I started taking drawing more seriously at the end of 2019. **☆彡 Where are you from?** >Canada (´∀`;) **☆彡 Aside from drawing, what else do you do?** >In my day-to-day life, I'm a software engineer so I code LOTS! I also love cosplaying ^^ **☆彡 Why are you wearing a mask?** >Personal preference~~ I don't like showing my focus face when I draw ^^ I will take it off sometimes to eat/drink.

Chat Rules

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## Chat rules >- No Hate, no Harassment, and no spamming (repetitive or aggressive messages will be deleted at mod's discretion and you will be banned) >- Try to keep it SFW please ^^ Please refrain from inappropriate words. >- I will not show your art unless you redeem through channel points. **Thank you kindly (´∀`)♡**
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## Art Schedule >**Tue** 8:30pm - 11:30pm PST **Thu** 8:30pm - 11:30pm PST **Sun** 8:30pm - 11:30pm PST (sometimes games ^^)


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Your donations are appreciated and help me out with upgrading my art tools and pursuing my goal of selling prints, stickers, etc. at conventions (⌒‿⌒) ♡ No obligation, I appreciate all who stop by! (Note: TTS is $5.00 min and donations are non-refundable to prevent spamming)


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[**Twitter** (Where I give the most frequent updates) [@weika25] ]( [**Pixiv** [@weika25] ]( [**Cosplay Instagram** [@melteawaffles] ](


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**ART COMMISSION INFO** >**Commissions website:** []( >Please inquire via Twitter DMs about availability and pricing (¯▿¯)✏️

PC Specs✨

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**☆彡 PC specs** >- 6600k 4 core/4 thread CPU >- Gigabyte z170x-gaming 7 motherboard >- ASUS GEFORCE RTX 3060 >- 16 GB ram >- SSD: WD BLACK SN750 >- I have an LCD screen cooler to play anime gifs... **☆彡 Tablet** >- Wacom Cintiq Pro 24inch >- I use the EMC controller for shortcuts >- I used to use my iPad Pro 11inch, but switched to the Cintiq during June 2021 **☆彡 Software** >- Clip Studio Paint