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I speedrun Pokemon and Sonic games, along with a variety of other goodies. I just want to play video games!!

About Me...

I'm werster, and I stream speedruns of video games, and the occasional race or play through of a new game. I'm 30 years old, and an Australian, I live in South Australia.

Speedrun Personal Bests

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Click the image above to be redirected to my profile, which shows just about all of my speedruns, along with a list of where they rank, with links to all of them Alternatively, you can check out this google doc, which has some runs that don't appear on my profile, such as runs that don't have a leaderboard, or run I don't submit to SRC anymore (newer Sonic runs), as well as Individual Level speedruns, [Link to full Google Doc here](

YouTube and Twitter

##YouTube **[wersterlobe](** Features all my past and present speedruns, highlights, playthroughs and glitches. I upload lots of videos, a lot of stuff that I don't stream, such as Individual Level speedruns, and games I just feel like playing offline from time to time ***** ##Twitter **[@wersterlobe](** Follow for stream and speedrunning updates, and so you don't have to ask me what I'm thinking about doing when I'm not streamin

Supporting the Stream

This is what I do full time, it is my only source of income. However, I don't focus on the monetary element of streaming. That means unlike a lot of other places, you won't see sub/donation alerts on screen taking priority over game feed, my entire focus is on the quality of content I am delivering to you. This doesn't mean I don't appreciate the support I get, in fact it means I appreciate it more. To be given an opportunity to deliver top notch content doing something that I'm so passionate about is a blessing. Here's how you can help: 1) **Turning off/whitelisting adblock.** I only ever play ads when there is literally nothing happening (when I'm taking or break or end of stream), so turning it off hurts you in no way. 2) **[Subscribing to the stream.](** This splits the money 50/50 between the broadcaster (me) and Twitch, so I would recommend this is you want to pay for the service Twitch is offering you. That is: Custom emoticons, no ads, access to sub only emails, and a prestige chat badge to let everyone know you are a supporter 3) **[Donating to the stream.](** This is the most direct way of supporting. I would recommend this under two different scenarios. 1) As a tip, throwing a few extra dollars in because you believe someone has gone above and beyond. 2) As an incentive to improve, or for meeting an achievement goal (also known as a bounty). For example, you say "I'll donate 20 dollars if you get sub 3:30 in HG/SS Glitchless". I would like to have a more centralised system for this, but for now we can all just use our wonderful honour system. 4) **[Supporting through Patreon.](** This is another more direct link than subscribing through twitch. Would recommend this option is you just want to directly support me, and allow me to continue doing this full time. 5) If you can't (or don't want to) engage in any of those activities above, that's fine. You can still contribute just by watching and engaging in happy healthy friendly conversation in chat. Again, I am truly grateful for any and all support I receive. Thank you =)

Chat Rules

1: Don't get banned.

Discord Server

I'm pretty much always in here, so for a direct means of contact it works really well. I'll also update things about my stream in here a lot (games coming up, new strats, etc) as well as just a general hangout. ##Link: []( (If you don't have Discord, please get it, it's way better than every other program of it's sort)

Stream Archive

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Since Twitch doesn't save VODs forever, I I have all my streams on YT and save them in this playlist here, so you can watch them at your leisure.


##What time do you usually stream? I try to stream every day, but I don't particularly have a set time to stream, so make sure to follow to try and catch me~ ***** ##What are those times on the side? The times on the side are of my personal best of the game I'm running. If it says "WR End" at the end, it's the World Record ***** ##What's your opinion on (Pokemon game)? Check out this [detailed list]( ***** ##When are you going to run (some video game)? I don't respond well to people asking me to run a game, asking me to play a game generally makes me play it less. I have well over 50 games on my list of games that I want to speedrun to the near to immediate to late future, and I don't really have any idea of the order. Just depends what I get motivation to play. ***** ##You said my name wrong!! That's not a question. Also [get a better name]( ***** ##What is your favourite pokemon? Heracross :) ***** ##What is your favourite pokemon game? Pokemon Crystal. ***** ##What is your favourite Sonic game? My Favourite sonic game is Sonic 3 & Knuckles. My favourite 3D Sonic game is Sonic Heroes. ***** ##Do you have your old streams anywhere? You can find a [playlist with all of them right here](


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In terms of speedrun events, AusSpeedruns are the only ones I attend. Not just because they are local, but because I truly think they are the best ones these days. Don't complain about old marathons not being "good" anymore, just watch the one that is :)