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I love dogs and knitting. Inclusive place for crafts and laughing. I rant from my basement.

Hello and Welcome!

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Hi! I knit and I have Whippets! (as of October 2020, I have a Whippet and a Greyhound!) Welcome to my stream. Come grab a drink, your latest project, and enjoy a laid back knitting stream! I usually knit and ask what you ate for dinner...but sometimes we sew, paint, color, do puzzles, break out into song, and quote my patron saint, Fred McFeely Rogers. We discuss all sorts of topics and I welcome you to share what you're working on! My stream is a friendly, warm place for everyone. Hate speech, intolerance, and bigotry will not be tolerated. The golden rule is in effect on my stream, please be respectful.

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All tips will go towards upgrading the stream!!