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Hello all, I'm wickedbecca (she/her) and welcome to my Twitch channel! I'm a casual streamer and started in late Fall of 2019, but, I've been gaming my entire life. I love to play shooters, RPG's, Simulators,... and many game types. I also have a dog named Moxie who often steals the spotlight.

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Hey all! I'm wickedbecca! I've been enjoying Twitch since 2015 and started streaming in Fall 2019. I love to play MANY games and, *SPOILER ALERT* you'll probably never see me finish a game. I'm a variety streamer and gamer and I like to switch often. I make no apologies, this keeps me from getting bored. When I'm not gaming, I work, hang with friends, cook, garden, workout, spend time outdoors, and I'm a student. I'm a lover of all things science, nerdy, and healthy, but I LOVE doughnuts! You can also sometimes catch my dog, Moxie, on my stream. To follow her Instagram, use command !moxie in chat. PLEASE follow the rules: -Be respectful to all! -No hate speech! -Positive vibes only! -Do not spam or flood chat (unless for +hype)! -Keep your opinion about my appearance to yourself. -No discussion of violent or illegal acts! -Jokes are welcome as long as the follow the ^rules! In early 2020 I was diagnosed with Stage III B Triple Negative Breast Cancer. I shared a lot of my journey with stream, and because of this you'll find we are a super close community here. You will often hear me discuss the importance of early cancer detection with self exams and being your own advocate. Thanks for reading, -Becca