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Hello all, I'm wickedbecca (she/her) and welcome to my Twitch channel! I'm a casual streamer and started in late Fall of 2019, but I've been gaming my entire life. I love shooters, RPG's, Simulators,..... and many game types. I also have a dog named Moxie who often steals the spotlight.

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Hey all! Thanks for checking my About Me section! I'm a life-long gamer who loves to share positivity through streaming. I've been enjoying Twitch since 2015 and started streaming in Fall 2019. I love to play MANY games, but I consider myself "adequate," at cooperative shooters (L4D & Overwatch), and strategy games (The Sims & Tropico). SPOILER ALERT, you'll probably never see me finish a game because I switch often and like to keep stories open ended. In early 2020 I was diagnosed with Stage III B Triple Negative Breast Cancer, so I shared a lot of my journey with stream. I am passionate about helping others and you will often hear me discuss the importance of early cancer detection with self exams and being your own advocate. Twitch and gaming have really helped me during the hardest, and the best times of my life. It is my goal to give back as much as I've gotten. Needless to say, I am so lucky to belong to such a great community and I hope that I can bring you a smile. In exchange I do ask that you follow the !rules: -Be respectful to all! -No hate speech! -Positive vibes only! -Do not spam or flood chat (unless for hype)! -Please no comments about my appearance! This isn't a space to critique people's looks. -No discussion of violent or illegal acts! -Jokes are welcome as long as the follow the ^rules! When I'm not streaming I work for an American outdoor sporting goods company, and I'm trying to attain my first bachelors degree in Environmental Science. I'm a lover of all things science, nerdy, and healthy, but I LOVE doughnuts! You can also sometimes catch my dog, Moxie on my streams as well. To see her Instagram use command !moxie in chat. Thanks for reading, -Becca