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Just your average Gelatinous Cube || Amateur Monster encounter, devourer of art & scribble maker || BEWARE! Slightly acidic

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#**>Welcome, Adventurer, to the Stream** I am Wiggly Juggins; feel free to call me Wiggly. I am a Gelatinous Cube of Slime from the Dungeons & Caves; here to observe the surface worlds. ***Hope you enjoy your stay here!*** #**> Stream Content** In most of my stream, I will be painting pictures using various art related programs; showing you how not to use them.


12/JUN/21 - Birth! 18/JUL/21 - 50+ Followers 29/JUL/21 - Twitch Affiliation! 5/AUG/21 - 100+ Followers 29/AUG/21 - New Model & Updated Model!


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