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i want to make your day better than how it started.


thanks so much for checking out my channel! my name is heather. i've been streaming for a just few months, and started after being laid off from my job with disney. streaming has become a safe space for me, and i love using twitch as a way to talk about things like my mental health, kindness, and a way to connect with others! things that are important to me: tonka. michael. disney. snow white. music. mental health advocacy. kindness. country music. songwriting. ice cream. reading books. running. long walks. longer drives.


- be kind to others. you don't lose anything be being kind to someone, and you don't know what someone's life is like when they're offline. - be respectful. treat others the way that you would want someone to treat you. - don't be a shitter. i do not tolerate racist, sexist, or bigoted remarks and they absolutely won't be accepted here. - don't self-promote. my mods + i will spotlight and shoutout content creators throughout the course of the stream, and comments of both direct and indirect/backhanded self-promotion will be deleted.


subbing: no ads or commercials post links + clips in stream subscriber (2x) luck in giveaways chat badge and emotes t1: 5 emotes t2: all t1 emotes + one t2 exclusive emote t3: all t1 + t2 emotes, one t3 exclusive emote cheering bits will reward you with exclusive badges AND additional emotes!


xbox: rogue company, fortnite, red dead redemption 2, halo infinite, among us, it takes two, jackbox party packs