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Every now and then you just get hooked on a game....

About me

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I'm just a gamer girl living in the great Northwest and I'm here to have some fun!! I also do some Lego builds to break things up! And finally let me just say thank you for stopping by and checking out my Twitch Channel I can play a variety of games so new game recommendations are always appreciated!


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*Need to update specs* 1TB SSD Elgato 4K60 PRO Capture Internal PCI-Ex1 Capture Card ***** Overwatch BlackWidowChroma gaming keyboard Overwatch Razer DeathAdder Chroma gaming mouse *****

Donate here!

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If you'd like donations are always appreciated..... Donations help support Wikyd & this channel but are NOT required/expected. If you choose to donate they are non-refundable. I am currently saving up for additional Lego builds!

A Schedule.....

I'm still working on a consistent schedule so stick with me!! I'll do my best :) I'll do my best to be on during the weekends!!!