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WildEarth broadcasts LIVE wildlife to the world and is on a mission to connect people with nature.

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The Sunrise Safari starts at 05:30 South African local time, which is 23:30 PM ET, 08:30 PM PT, 04:30 in the UK, 05:30 in Central Europe, and 13:30 Sydney time. The Sunset Safari starts at 15:30 South African local time, which is 09:30 AM ET, 06:30 AM PT, 14:30 in the UK, 15:30 in Central Europe, and 23:30 Sydney time. When our safaris are not live on Twitch, you can view the feed from the Djuma Waterhole camera, from the heart of Djuma Private Game Reserve in the Sabi Sand on our [WildEarth]( site.