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Just a random guy streaming video games. Pretty much play what I want when I want.

Who am I?

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Hey there everyone! My name is WindFox. I am a variety streamer, but primarily will be streaming Zelda: ALTTP Randomizer speed runs. I will try to keep my stream schedule as consistent as possible. I am a competitive speed runner and you will see me running competitive formats. I will eventually run viewer seeds only if they are the primary competitive formats(open, ambrosia, AD Keysanity. Inverted Kaysanity and Crosskeys). Don't be afraid to ask any questions about the game or what randomizer is.

Chat rules

1. Be respectful to everyone. 2. No racist or sexist slurs in chat. 3. No religious or political talk in chat. 4. Do not spam chat.
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I do accept any and all donation sizes. Donations obviously not required but are always appreciated. Donations will go towards everyday life and survival.

Speedrun PBs

Final Fantasy 5 Career Day: - Race Settings: 2:50:26 Zelda ALTTP US 1.1: - any% NMG: 1:47:XX Zelda ALTTP JP 1.0: - any% NMG: 1:31:12