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Welcome to the Wizod tower! Sit back, try to relax and listen to the sweet sounds of my bad (excellent) jokes and incredulous (obnoxious) exclamations (shouts).

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I'm the Wizod and this is my tower. Or stream. Anyway, I'm what old people call young, my interests are everywhere and I stream nothing in particular. The show goes for more or slightly less than four(4) hours with a five to ten-minute break in the middle that, usually, signals a game swap. Everything in the show (apart from the games, dummy) is made by me. The lil green dudes are called Grublins -- trademark pending -- and if you're watching, you are one.
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Here are a few tips -- read *rules* -- to help you get started around here. - I'm down for a bit of friendly banter, but don't come in here guns blazing with being a dickhead. Get to know us first. - We are inclusive here: any racism, homophobia, transphobia or anything else under the asshole banner is a ban. - Arguments are annoying, you're just gonna make yourself mad and everyone else is gonna be looking at you weird. Be polite. - If you backseat or spoil anything, you're gonna make me disappointed in you and everyone else is gonna feel second-hand embarrassment for you. Is that what you want? Don't do that. If you don't abide by any of this, please, sweaty, go outside. Your family's worried about you.
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This will eventually link to the Discord Server when I'm ready to open it up.