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Heyo cool person 101 starts here ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗShe/her

About Me :D

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HI! I'm woah_brianna I'm 16 years old and Canadain I play lots of games (a lot of Minecraft right now) and draw. I'm a full-time student and I'm always looking to try out new things! I usually go by she/her but I don't really care as long as you're being respectful :) some fun questions (if you don't know what to say in chat) Q: how's your day going? Q: What are you wearing? Q: favorite song/movie/tv show/etc? Q: How was lunch? Q: How was/is your day at school? Q: What's your favorite colour?


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You can see more of me on here!: * [Twitter]( on here you can find little life update or even stream/video updates as well * [YouTube]( I upload a new video every Friday!!! most of the time it's cut down bits of my stream, but I'm planing on doing more very soon! * [TikTok]( new videos here every day :D * [Instagram]( sometimes I post picture here...ha

Nightbot commands

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Here are some of the Nightbot commands !me: some commonly asked question about me :) !twitter: Link to my Twitter !tiktok: Link to my TikTok !discord: link to my discord !ig: Link to my Instagram !youtube : gives my youtube!! !hi: Say hi to Nightbot !me: Commonly asked questions !joke: gives you a "funny" joke !8ball: put !8ball "yes or no question" and answers will be given :)


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COme to the discord to talk with people and have a chance to be on stream or in a video!!

Goals :)

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I want to hit 10K on all the Platform I have listed, but here are some more "here & now" goals :) - 400 followers on Twitch - 2000 on TikTok - 200 on Instagram - 50 on YouTube - 100 discord members I feel like I could reach these before the end of the year