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Hello chaps, my names Erick but you can call me Wolfgore or Wolf for short. I've been streaming & Vlogging on Youtube for the past 3 years but very recently decided to make the switch to Twitch. Please SMASH that follow button for a dope custom notification! Thanks Boo, appreciate you ♥♥♥

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Any donation amount is honestly greatly appreciated! Plus you get to enjoy a sweet sweet custom GIF I made just for you. Thanks Boo, Appreciate You.

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This is my Youtube channel where I started off in 2016. There's lots more entertainment to be found there, from past live streams to weekly vlogs and many random videos iv'e made. Please hit that Subscribe button while your there and leave me some comments. Thanks Boo, Appreciate You.

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Click here to see more of my face and more of my daily life & stuff.

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Come chat w/ me & the Fam on Discord!

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