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Artist / Music Producer from Melbourne, Australia. I make music and play minecraft - occasionally other games too! Streaming again soon x

About Me

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I'm Woodes. I'm an Australian producer/songwriter/composer. I released my first album last year, it's called Crystal Ball. I also have two EPs - Golden Hour and my Woodes EP. -- I really love fantasy movies, and soundtracks, which is what lead me into studying composition. I've been self producing and writing music for a while and wanted to share some of the process here.

Crystal Ball Album on Minecraft

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I built my album in Minecraft! My comunity helped me build each song inside a server & Minecraft/Mojang featured me on their #meetaminecrafter youtube channel. To get access to the world and have a look around, it's through twitch subscriptions. The project runs on the JAVA version of minecraft. Hit me up on discord or email & I'll whitelist you to the server :) Email [WOODES]( your username. There's a Subcriber only section of our [DISCORD]( with this information, too. Ask questions there if you get stuck & we'll get back to you soon!


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Places to listen to my music: [SPOTIFY]( [APPLE MUSIC]( [YOUTUBE]( [MY ALBUM]( Instagram [Woodes on Instagram]( [Finding Faces Club on Instagram]( Facebook [Woodes Facebook]( [Woodling group on Facebook]( Discord [Woodling Discord]( Twitter [Woodes Twitter]( Tumblr [Tumblr](