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I play rage inducing games, or maybe i'm just bad at all games (╯•ᗣ•╰)

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Hi i play minecraft and im a bunny clikc this for my twitter i think i post funny pictures of cats crying


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🐇 Be respectful of everyone in chat (including mods) ------------------------------------- 🌸 Spamming of text, links, ect is not okay! (unless it's a raid or it goes with what we are doing/talking about) ---------------------------------- 🐇 Do not leak your own personal information including your age if you are a minor!! ----------------------------------- 🌸 Do not post others personal information without their say so! (including IRL name) --------------------------------- 🐇 No self promotion unless it approved my myself or a mod. --------------------------------- 🌸 If you are unsure of someone's pronouns don't be scared to ask them! --------------------------------- 🐇 No links unless its a clip or approved by myself or a mod! --------------------------------- 🌸 Abide by all Twitch TOS :) ------------------------------------ 🐇 ANY USE OF SLURS OR BIGOTRY OF ANY SORT WILL RESULT IN IMMEDIANT BAN!! --------------------------------------


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the emotes: worldi5naisu, worldi5angrr and worldi5yareyare are all made by ghostkid on instagram, . pfp and worldi5gremlin by @v_mishy just chatting background by @ghostkid ( coming soon ) . starting/ending music by @DehydrationBot . starting soon, overlay, added vroid emotions, drip outfit by @xkychi everything else is made by myself! Gremlin 2d model mama: v_mishy Gremlin 2d model papa: kaska_david (twt) Karaoke bunny overlay AND ANIMATED BG:


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🌸 All donations will be put towards making my stream better! (please note that all donations are non-refundable) 🌸

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idk why u would buy stuff but thank you wtf