Streaming Hades semi-regularly, mostly evenings around 6-9 PM EST. Rare morning streams. Speedruns LOL.



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Donating is the best way to help out any streamer. If you feel like helping me out, super duper! Link: https://streamlabs.com/wriste13/tip


Scenes and production are set up by me. If you're seeing an image, either in my youtube thumbnails or any edited photo, it's been made by either ms_ironside or TToTTaLLove.

The Streamer

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High level gameplay, played poorly. Come for the game, leave for the gameplay. *slaps roof of gameplay* this gameplay can fit so many misplays. I play a bunch of games. Favorite games are probably Darkest Dungeon, Path of Exile, and currently Hades.


Backseating is welcome. This is a stream, and streams are cooperative. I'm also not a perfect player. Keep advice within reason.