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Living in the great state of Utah, I just happen to be The Oldest Beat Saber Streamer IN THE WORLD!! (unless you can prove otherwise) Married for over 30 years to the same amazing lady! We have four awesome kids that are mostly grown. And then there is Chevy!! (our 5 year old Australian Shepherd)

More About Me!

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Heyo! & HUGS!! And welcome to some of the most fun I have had in a very long time! Feel free to ask me anything! And I will feel free to answer what I want! <3 I am #3 of 10 siblings (the oldest boy), and grew up moving all over the US and different parts of this beautiful world on which we live. The longest I ever lived in a single location was about 3 years, until I married my amazing wife! In June 2021 we moved from our home of nearly 21 years into our current residence. I work as a quality analyst for a software company that creates software for insurance companies. It is pretty boring stuff, but I truly like my job! My main responsibilities lie in the mobile app department of our company. I have had a fascination for video games, ever since my father brought home our first Pong game back in 1975. I have been a vidiot ever since. I was introduced to VR a short while ago, and it was like coming home for me! It took over a month to convince my wife that we needed the HTC Vive, and I was only able to sell it to her as a form of exercise. She has since come to recognize its value; when I requested an upgrade to the Valve Index, she didn't even bat an eye. In addition, she has allowed me to paint one of the bedrooms in our new home a lovely shade of green, from top to bottom! Since I started playing Beat Saber, I have lost nearly 100 lbs.!!

Our Favorite Causes

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My family has been truly blessed! So much so that we donate monthly to different charitable organizations. Nearly two years ago, my wife and I partnered ourselves with [Kyäni Caring Hands]( "to offer hope to those who have none, and to improve the lives of others throughout the world." While your viewership is greatly appreciated, I did not create this channel for the purpose of generating income. If you feel a need to subscribe somewhere or throw bits at someone, find a struggling streamer out there you can lend your support to. If you DO choose to support me on this channel, know that 100% of all monies earned through tips, bits and subscriptions will go directly to [Kyäni Caring Hands]( Recently, [Kyäni Caring Hands]( partnered themselves with [Operation Underground Railroad]( "In the past six years of existence, O.U.R. has rescued 4,100 victims and assisted in the arrests of more than 2,300 traffickers around the world. The partners we are empowering have collectively helped rescue the lives of more than 10,000 survivors who were enslaved, exploited or at risk." These two worthy causes is where 100% of all income generated by this channel will be sent. Thank YOU for doing your part in making this world a better place!! **To Date:** You all have raised over **$4,000** !!!

Name A Villager After Me!!

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Here are the options for the types of Villagers: Armorer Butcher Cartographer Cleric Farmer Fisherman Fletcher Leatherworker Librarian Mason Shepherd Toolsmith Weaponsmith Click the image to be directed to a wiki page about Villagers. Once you make your selection, your Villager will be tagged and raised to the Master Level! They shall then be given a spot in the Mall!


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STREAMBEATS Copyright Free Music for Streamers (and YouTubers!) Lo-Fi ►► Synthwave ►► EDM ►► Hip Hop ►► On any other music service just search for Harris Heller


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YES!! How To: 1. Click on the Beat Saber image or [HERE]( to go to 2. Search for your song 3. If/When you find your song, click on the song title 4. Check out the Thumbs UP vs Thumbs Down to hopefully make sure it doesn't suck! 5. Click on the "Chat Bubble" icon under the Thumbs to copy the Twitch !bsr request code 6. Paste the !bsr request code into Twitch chat! 7. If you cannot figure it out... ask @chalenor !! Lots of Thumbs UPS! is a good indicator of good mapping! Please avoid requesting songs with explicit lyrics!

Come Join The Cult of the Jedeye Cup!

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If you are a streamer, dm WulfgarinDnD with a short blurb for a shout-out in #twitch_love whenever you go live!! (if your channel is 18+, please make this known!)

LIV Your VR Experience!!

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Put yourself into the VR games that you love and broadcast that experience to the world. Major shout-out to Naysy for this awesome YouTube [TUTORIAL]( which led me to LIV!!

Friend Me On STEAM!!

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Friend Code: 141622309 Send me an invite! It may take a day or two, but as soon as I can identify you, and if you are in good standing on the stream, and you are a member of our Discord, I will gladly accept your friend request! Then you will have opportunities to join me on the platform as we SLICE BLOQS in multiplayer Beat Saber!! If you are a Jedeye such as myself... we can see your scores on the boards! How well do you stack up against the Couch Potato Jedeye and his friends?

Special Thanks!

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A shout out to [CmdrKitten]( for creating the hyperspace gif I use on my splash screens. Click on their name to view some of the stunning art that they have created!! ## Permission to Use... fredric furstenbach <> Sat, Aug 8, 2020 at 2:42 AM To: Jon D McBride <> Hey Jon! Go for it. Remember me when you're a big time famous streamer! Good luck! Cheers, fred

My Hardware

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## VR System: [Valve Index]( ## Microphone: [Antlion ModMic Wireless]( courtesy of [XypherOrion]( - you sexy beast, you! ## Original PC: [ABS Gladiator Gaming PC]( Operating System: Windows 10 Home CPU Type: Intel Core i9 11th Gen CPU Speed: 11900KF (3.50GHz) GPU/VGA Type: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 SSD: 1 TB PCIe ## Upgrades: [G.Skill 32GB DDR4 PC4-28800 3600MHz Ripjaws V]( [WD Black 4TB Performance Desktop Hard Disk Drive](


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Most of what follows is now obsolete (my wife let me paint the entire room green!!), but may still be of value to someone looking for ideas on how to get started with a green screen. I did a lot of research to find a way to set up a decent green screen without breaking the budget or making permanent changes to my home (wife's stipulation!). The way I chose to go about it was influenced mostly by YouTuber Matt Manhattan and this [VIDEO]( I took his suggestions just a few steps farther in order to capture my entire body and a larger FOV. Following is the complete list of materials I used: 1x [#46 Tech Green Paper (53" x 36')]( 1x [#46 Tech Green Paper (53" x 18')]( 1x [Chrome Green Gaffers Tape]( 1x [Xfasten Double Sided Tape]( 3x [IncStores Exercise Tiles]( 2x [19/32"x4'x8' plywood subflooring]( 1x [Roving Cove Baby Safety Edge Corner Guards]( 1x [HPUSN Softbox Lighting Kit](