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Variety Streamer, Musician, Dog Dad to a sweetheart of a pitbull named Kismet. Come join the Kiz Krew in Discord! Currently streaming my first playthrough of Dark Souls with some Dead by Daylight mixed in. bc pain. Fans of Post-Rock, sports, retrogaming, come on in!


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-Listen to Post-Rock music :) -BE KIND. We're here to chill, vibe, troll, meme, have fun. -No hate speech, racism, discrimination of any kind -18+ years of age only. -Respect all mods or go bye bye. -Respect the TOS of Twitch and all other platforms I provide content on at all times. -No self-promotion/advertising. -No posting links without permission. -Don't be toxic -Religious and political discussion are NOT permitted -"Heavy" topics of discussions to a degree, but preferred in the discord!

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I'm a dude with an adorable sweetheart of a pitbull (Kismet) trying to find his way in life by starting over and focusing on his passions. I'm a lifelong lover of video games from the Atari and Colecovision to the PS5. My favorite video game of all time is Chrono Trigger (banner image!) on SNES and I plan on streaming it one day! I'm also a musician/amateur producer and hope to bring that into my streams in the future! If you're familiar with Post-Rock music....I love you. Any support you'd like to lend is greatly appreciated and helps me provide for myself and my dog. Enjoy this journey with me!


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Streams are random at the moment! Aiming for Tuesdays through Saturdays afternoons/evenings!


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